What We Do

What We Do

From systems analysis to network design to cloud computing, we’re dedicated to helping our customers use technology to achieve more. We work hard to ensure that your technology matches your business needs across four major areas:








Consisting of hardware, software and networking components, IT infrastructure represents the core of your technological capabilities. When considering a new infrastructure or an upgrade, some of the things you might consider include:



  • Are you better off with a blade server infrastructure or traditional standalone units?
  • Do you have the right internet security in place?
  • Does your business leverage advances in communications to save costs and improve employee efficiency?
  • Could your team perform better with improved networking capabilities?

With so many options to consider, it may be difficult to determine what infrastructure solution is right for your business.

Our experts will assess your current IT environment, focusing on your specific business needs and the direction you’re headed in order to develop a framework that is just right for you.

A properly configured IT infrastructure can provide the following benefits:

  • Faster time to deployment
  • Reduced risk of data loss/theft
  • Greater workforce productivity
  • Improved customer experience
  • Expanded employee collaboration
  • Reduced costs
  • Task automation
  • Streamlined communications

Please get in touch so that we can better understand your business needs. Once we have processed your information, one of our team members will schedule a one-on-one consultation to outline infrastructure recommendations that are right for you. Get started today!

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    An agile communications framework supports collaboration and helps your employees, customers, partners and suppliers communicate quickly and easily, whether on site, or in the field.

    Unified communication combines collaborative tools such as desk and mobile phones, email, messaging, video conferencing, voice conferencing and more into one central solution, helping you create, innovate and communicate faster and more efficiently than ever before. Kirk iSS provides full support and integration of unified communications such as Mitel, including VoIP, conferencing, messaging and email across the entire enterprise, ensuring your workforce and customers are connected to the services and information they need, when they need it.

    By making communication and collaboration easier, we aim to make your business more productive. As an authorized Mitel partner, we ensure Mitel installations are fully upgraded and include the highest-level of functionality available.

    Some of the benefits of unified communications include:

    • Connect workforce, vendors and customers with vital information and expertise
    • Share images and videos among workgroups on any device, as easily as making a phone call
    • Support collaborative interactions, bringing teams together
    • Support productivity through mobility
    • Integrate your vital systems and communication into applications
    • Next generation capabilities
    • Increase productivity and responsiveness while reducing costs
    • Hosted and cloud based solutions
    • Robust security framework means your data is protected from any threat

    As the pace of change accelerates, the need for organisations to connect and communicate with their employees, customers and suppliers wherever they are located is paramount. Unified communications not only enable real-time collaboration; it also allows the flexibility to choose from a number of communication methods while greatly reducing the cost of connecting.

    Call today, or fill out our online form so we can get to know your business and its unique needs. Once qualified, we will be better able to determine what communications solutions might be right for you, and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss the possibilities. Get started today!

    professional services



    Kirk iSS Professional Services ensure your business has end-to-end coverage for all your mission-critical systems. We work with businesses at all stages of development and growth. Just some of our services include:



    • Pre-sale assessments and audits of current infrastructure and systems
    • Implementation and setup of hardware, software and cloud based systems
    • Preventative maintenance including health checks
    • Consulting services on an as-needed basis

    Minimizing Downtime

    A study of Fortune1000 companies found the average cost of downtime due to infrastructure failure to be $100,000 per hour. Even if you’re not a Fortune1000 company, the message is clear: Downtime can be costly and having a resource for proactively identifying and rapidly resolving IT issues helps to significantly mitigate the risk of unplanned downtime.

    Kirk iSS Professional Services help to reduce the cost of IT support and maintenance while minimizing the administrative impact to your business. Our services cover two key areas:

    Proactive Support

    Our KWatch service ensures the health and stability of your systems through real-time monitoring and pro-active alerts. We’re able to spot problems and fix them fast, so your employees can make the most of every day.

    KWatch services cover the following areas:

    • Managed Security
    • Voice and Data Network Monitoring
    • Workstation Health Checks

    With KWatch 24×7 support, we’ll be alerted a systems issue as it arises and can fix it fast, minimizing costly downtime and disruptions to your business. With no need for a technician to visit, no installation fee and a quick 10-minute setup, KWatch is convenient peace of mind for your business.

    Rapid Response

    In the past, technicians would be called in to address a problem after the fact, and a business might have to endure hours of downtime while they rerouted server traffic and figured out the problem.

    We receive instant updates thanks to our KWatch service. If there’s a problem, we’ll receive an instant alert showing the cause. Our mobile technicians receive alerts on their mobile phones and can remotely log-in to determine the exact cause of the problem. The net result: rapid, accurate response and dramatically reduced downtime.

    By reducing the number of steps needed for a problem to be identified, received, logged and forwarded to a technician for repair, we’re able to minimize downtime due to IT outages and keep your mission critical systems running smoothly.

    Some of the benefits of properly implemented managed services include:

    • Enhanced operational efficiency
    • Reduced costs
    • Access to enterprise level support on a small business budget
    • Downtime virtually eliminated
    • Focus on running your business, not on managing your technology
    • 24/7/365 monitoring for your complete peace of mind

    Call today, or fill out our online contact form to find out more about how we can help streamline your business systems.




    Cloud services offer a number of benefits over traditional computing resources. For businesses, this translates into four key factors:


    Using the power of the internet, the cloud enables efficient sharing of applications and computing resources on-demand. Your data, apps and information are accessible anywhere, anytime and on any device; enhancing workforce productivity, collaboration and engagement.


    Moving to the cloud transfers IT costs from large Capital Expenditure (CapEx) based outlays to a much lower, more predictable recurring Operational Expenditure (OpEx). The move from “CapEx” to “OpEx” allows businesses to better manage their cash flow and redirect IT CapEx funds into core business activities like product development and marketing.


    In addition to making financial sense, cloud services offer instant, on-demand scaling of computing resources, empowering your business with increased agility. Cloud computing ensures that you only pay for the resources that you use.


    Today’s workforce is always on the go. Your team needs access to information no matter where they are. Cloud services enable remote access to information and computing platforms at the touch of a button.

    Some of the benefits of properly implemented cloud services include:

    Cloud management platform intuitive dashboard

    Cloud.ky is our cloud services resource and offers a number of options for businesses considering a move to the cloud. Learn more about what Kirk ISS cloud services can do for your business.