Find out in 30 minutes with a Threat Assessment from Kirk ISS

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Is your current security infrastructure up to stopping today’s sophisticated attacks? Our threat assessment service provides a full 360-degree view of your network, secures data and reduces internet costs.

Our Threat Assessment service covers three key areas:

Security & Threat Prevention

BYOD means users might also be bringing along malicious apps, siphoning bandwidth and leaving your network vulnerable to attack. Our assessment shows application vulnerabilities, lists specific malware detected and will even pinpoint “at risk” devices on your network.

How are applications and web resources used within your network? Verify apps are operating in accordance with your corporate use policies. As part of the assessment, you’ll get an app use report showing which apps are being used most frequently and what proportion of your bandwidth is being used for non-sanctioned apps like Facebook and YouTube.

User Productivity

Network Utilisation and Performance

Is your current network security solution optimised for performance? We gauge key parameters such as throughput, session and bandwidth requirements during peak hours to ensure your security solution is matched to your requirements based on actual usage.

Security assessments take just 30 minutes, require no downtime and will not affect operations or bandwidth. You’ll get a written report and a follow-up consultation with a certified security expert to review your assessment and recommend corrective action if necessary.


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