June 2017

HPE Discover Conference 2017

Kirk iSS Senior Account Manager Carson George recently attended HPE’s annual Discover Conference.  The conference took place in early June, at the The Venetian hotel in Las Vegas. Over 2,500 people attended the conference, including HPE employees, HPE customers, and HPE vendor partners. Attending the conference puts Kirk iSS on the cutting edge of new technologies, which allows the Kirk iSS team to provide the best service and help clients find the best solutions for their company’s needs.

Discover Conference Keynote Highlights

Meg Whitman, HPE’s President and CEO served as the keynote speaker at the Discover Conference’s general session. Highlights from her speech include HPE’s business strategy and vision, recent acquisitions, new business ventures and products, and customer testimonials.

HPE’s business strategy and vision

HPE is focused on helping customers with Hybrid IT platform and driving datacenter automation through software-defined solutions to help customers deliver services quickly to their customers and end-users.   HPE calls this journey to a Hybrid IT platform – “a digital transformation”  Hybrid IT is a mix of a public and private cloud platform. Because of this mixture HPE firmly believes it is where most customers are moving to into the future with the introduction of mobile apps and cloud applications and services.  The traditional datacenter will never go away completely but more and more customers will be looking at cloud solutions to keep up with the demands of the business moving forward – this is the Hybrid IT, which we are hearing more and more about.

Key company acquisitions

HPE has made a number of key company acquisitions including Nimble Storage, Simplivity and SGI.  As a result of  these key acquisitions, HPE can offer their customers the best products and solutions on their journey to their digital transformation.

New Consultancy & Professional Services Division

HPE launched a new consultancy and professional services division called. Transition to a Hybrid IT platform is complex.  Because of this HPE launched Point Next. PointNext guarantees customers access to HPE’s technical engineers and professional service consultants.  As a result customers can feel confident that they are getting the best customer service experience possible for consulting, designing, implementation, and management services offered by this group.

New Server Announced

HPE announced the new HP Proliant G10 Servers at the Discover Conference. The new servers feature some significant upgrades to the processor, memory, storage, and network included in the server. The release date is set for later this year or early next year.

Transformation Zone

HPE Transformation Zone highlighted product demonstrations, for several HPE technologies. Featured was HPE Synergy Product, the next evolution for hyper converged product for customers looking to accelerate to an Hybrid IT platform.  Also featured were HPE partner community, including VMWare and Veeam.

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