Cybersecurity Penetration Testing

What would a cyberattack on your organisation look like? Our Penetration Testing approach shows which systems are most vulnerable and what data might be compromised should a bad actor gain access.

We proactively detect and prevent cyber threats.

Our approach consists of five phases, each using a combination of common and proprietary tools:

Phase 1: Information Gathering

Using internally available resources, we create a holistic view of the network and its structure. With the scope of the assessment defined, we ensure a thorough inspection for vulnerabilities.

Phase 2: Threat Modeling

In this phase, we define the frameworks, methodologies, and tools to help identify, quantify and prioritize threats.

Phase 3: Threat Analysis

Devices are analyzed using a combination of commercial, open-source, and proprietary tools. The scan provides detailed reports of known vulnerabilities present on each host.

Phase 4: Targeting & Exploitation

High-profile targets for potential exploitation are prioritized based on identified vulnerabilities using a combination of custom, publicly available, and well-known exploits found on the Internet.

Phase 5: Post-Exploitation

Each compromised target is evaluated to determine the potential for damage from further escalation of available exploits, calculating the total attack surface present.

Preventing Cyber Attacks Using Best Practices

Our penetration testing and vulnerability assessment is based on a combination NIST SP 800-115 and industry best practices. We focus on uncovering a range of vulnerabilities throughout the network while minimizing disruption to business functions and network connectivity.

Staying ahead of today's cyber threats requires the right people, tools and processes.

Put our team to work to quickly identify and mitigate your cybersecurity blind spots.

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