It’s time for a change.

A lot has changed in the 15 years we’ve been around and we thought our logo should reflect that. We’re still the same folks who deliver outstanding IT solutions to your toughest technology challenges, backed by world class service; it’s just that we now look a lot cooler! Those who attended our innovation reception got a sneak peek at our refreshed branding. For those that missed it, here’s a quick breakdown of what’s changed:

Tiffany in one of our new Kirk ISS polos.

1. A cleaner, more modern look

The new logo separates the “Kirk” from the “ISS”. It’s now clear that we’re called Kirk ISS (and not Kirkiss!). The “ISS” has also moved to denote an exponent as a symbol of the value that our Information Solutions and Services (ISS) provide.

2. New colour scheme

A bold, contrasting and modern colour scheme consisting of a punchy light azure (no coincidence as we’re a Microsoft Gold partner!) and an understated dark navy as a foundation.

3. New brand mark symbol

A lot of thought was put into this. The five elements that make up the symbol each represent one of the 5 pillars of our practice: Servers & Storage, Networking, Communications, Cloud and Professional Services. The cyclical pattern they form denotes the ITIL life cycle, while the underlying elements represent our values of transparency, accountability and reliability that guide everything that we do.

4. Continuity across touch points

The new branding is suited to both digital and print media in a variety of settings. The consistency across all touch points of our communications is meant to foster the same sense of reliability and trust that makes up our core values.

Next-Level IT Services

We’re really excited about the direction we’re headed. We wanted a logo that we could be equally excited about and one that customers would immediately recognize. In the coming weeks we’ll be rolling out our new branding to our signage and vehicles, so keep an eye out for our new look at an office near you.