Safeguard Your Data With a Network Security Assessment

Data security is important. If the threat of data theft and downtime is not bad enough, strict regulations could mean steep fines. What would happen if your organisation was breached? Our Network Security Assessment lets you see how a simulated attack on your network would play out if an attacker were to bypass your existing controls.

We verify which controls are adequate and which should be revised, identifying vulnerabilities and misconfigurations within your network.

More Than Just Automated Tools:

Our Network Security Assessment (NSA) combines traditional penetration testing with a vulnerability assessment to identify threats and misconfigurations. This approach is designed to provide detail into underlying vulnerabilities and how they affect your overall security posture.

Our approach goes beyond automated tools to provide a more exhaustive assessment. Each device on your network is reviewed using proprietary, open source, and industry-backed tools, along with a manual process, to ensure no stone is unturned. We look at internal and external networks, along with top critical controls and polices to provide a wholistic review of your cybersecurity maturity.

While the assessment is flexible to fit the needs of your organisation, project management can be broken down into the following components:
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Scoping & Planning

We work to identify the purpose and scope of the assessment, ensuring all matters are clearly laid out. With a clear definition of your desired outcomes, we’ll work with you to achieve them.

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Most of our engagement is spent on this phase. Testing can be remote or on-site and occurs in five phases. Throughout the engagement, we’re in continuous contact.

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A deliverable with detailed information covering the results, all findings, and associated risk, remediation and recommendations is prepared.

Data Protection Compliance

Our process uses a combination of the NIST, ISO, PCI DSS, and SANS methodologies to ensure the assessment provides regulatory coverage. Whether your organisation is a financial institution held to requirements of due care and 3rd party review of cybersecurity or if GDPR and Cayman’s Data Protection Law are front of mind, our assessments will aid in compliance.

The numbers on network breaches paint a clear picture: staying the course on cybersecurity is not a viable strategy.


of Breaches Are Financially Motivated


of Breaches Featured Hacking


of Breaches Caused By Casual Errors

Don’t become a statistic.

Address your network vulnerabilities with an assessment from Kirk ISS today.

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