Wednesday, April 27, 2022 from 8:00 to 9:45 AM COT



The Brasserie
Cricket Square
171 Elgin Avenue
George Town
Cayman Islands



Kirk Information Solutions & Services


Brunch & Learn Event:

Cybersecurity is a growing challenge for business, no matter the size or industry. A rapidly expanding threat landscape combined with a skills shortage means that even companies with well established IT departments are playing catch-up.

Join us on Wednesday April 27 as we explore the current threat landscape and learn more about how to get protected with affordable 24/7 cybersecurity protection tailor-made for Cayman Islands businesses.

Meet some of our foremost cybersecurity experts and gain insights into how to protect your data from bad actors. View live demos from our SOC and see how we monitor, alert and remediate cyber-attacks.

In this session we'll be covering:

• Overview of todays leading cyber-threats
• Meet the Kirk ISS Cybersecurity team
• Introduction to Kirk ISS Cybersecurity capabilities
• Demonstration of cyber-defense in action