Cybersecurity Services in the Cayman Islands.

Cybersecurity services from Kirk ISS assess your cybersecurity maturity and safeguard against the latest cyber threats. Our certified cybersecurity experts devise effective threat mitigation strategies and work side-by-side with your team to implement them. The result? A stronger security posture through proactive threat intelligence tailored to your business.

Cybersecurity Monitoring Dashboards

Get to know a few of our leading Cybersecurity services:

Network Security Assessment Icon

Network Security Assessment

A secure environment starts with a thorough assessment of your network. Each device on your network is reviewed using proprietary, open source, and industry-backed tools, along with a manual process, to ensure no stone is unturned. Our expertise is put to work for you, resulting in a more exhaustive assessment than an automated tool alone. Our NSA looks at internal and external networks, along with top critical controls and policies in place, to provide a holistic review of your cybersecurity maturity.

Social Engineering Assessment Icon

Social Engineering Assessment

Your employees are the front line of your organisation’s security. Our cybersecurity services team tests their understanding of current cybersecurity threats, which may include tactics such as phone calls posing as a vendor, an email that appears to come from management, or a visitor attempting to physically access key infrastructure. By seeing how your end users respond to these threats, you can better identify the maturity of your overall End User Awareness procedures and where to focus efforts in the future.

Threat Monitoring & Prevention

Businesses of all sizes need dependable security against the latest cyber threats, but not all businesses have the resources and expertise to make it happen. Our fully-managed, Security Operations Centre (SOC) delivers the protection modern businesses need, without costly infrastructure or time-consuming management.

Compliance for Regulated Entities

If you’re a regulated business, the responsibility of identifying, monitoring and preventing cyber threats is on your shoulders. Plus, keeping up with maintaining and verifying compliance on an ongoing basis can be an onerous task. Our compliance solutions simplify the process and provide peace of mind.

See How We Stopped a Phishing Attack in its Tracks...

We don’t just flag suspicious emails; we dig into them to find out what makes them tick. See how by going into the source code, we were able to gain a better understanding of how a recent phishing campaign was structured and why this it was missed by automated threat detection.

Secure your data and stay ahead of ever-evolving cyber threats.

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