Keeping you ahead of a changing cyber threat landscape.

Get a comprehensive review of your organisation’s cyber security posture, highlighting gaps in your defenses and recommending specific steps to remediate them. Plus, our Cybersecurity Assessment helps to satisfy data protection regulations and stay compliant.

Our cybersecurity assessment protects you by reviewing three important areas of your cybersecurity posture:

Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

We examine your cybersecurity policies and processes versus industry best practices. We’ll identify gaps in your IT policies and recommend specific actions you can take to close them.


What would a cyberattack on your organisation look like? We’ll show you which systems are most vulnerable and what data might be compromised should a bad actor gain access.

Office 365 Security Assessment

Combining our knowledge of the threat landscape with best practice guidance from Microsoft, we ensure your O365 resources are configured with security in mind and to the highest standards.

Satisfying Data Protection Regulations

Our cybersecurity assessment satisfies a range of data protection regulations including GDPR, HIPAA or the Cayman Islands Data Protection Act. Our Cybersecurity services are tailor-made to accommodate the needs of regulated entities, satisfying regulatory requirements while protecting sensitive data.

Stay ahead of evolving cyber threats and satisfy regulatory requirements.

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